Hello all! Thank you for your continue support of the Wicked DOJ RP Community! We are always listening to your thoughts and feedback to improve our community! We welcome any and all feedback to improve the server.

In this update, we have released an AI/Police interaction script called FivePD! Now our LEO’s can interact AI when we have low active numbers during the day while people are at work or otherwise unavailable. Please click here for the list of controls compiled by one of our Beta Testers and Server Admins!

Speaking of Server Admins, we have redesigned our staff to to accommodate for future growth! We have positions for Server Admin and Server Moderator. There is an age requirement for these positions given that we are a 17+ server.

The Los Santos Police Department has opened for business! Contact the Chief of Police, Vinny Delgato, for more info!


Effective this patch, we are lifting our whitelist to allow for more people to join us for some fun RP scenes!

There are a lot more changes so please reference your local in-game changelog (/changelog) for the patch notes rundown.

If you have any ideas for stuff that would improve our server, please fill out our Request Form.