Server Overview

Wicked Life RP is a modded GTA 5 server using the FiveM Multiplayer client and further improved by our Development Team. We use the latest version of the vRP framework to enhance the Role-Play aspect. There are multiple jobs you can do, ranging from Civilian jobs like food delivery to living the life of an every day Law Enforcement Officer or Emergency Medical Service provider in the Fire Department. Want to work behind the scenes with the Police and Fire Department? Join the Communications department as a Dispatcher. Feeling dirty and want to participate in illegal activities? Join the Mafia or even start your own Drug Cartel.

There are plenty of things to do and we even listen to suggestions to increase the Role-Play content for the players.


RP, Life, Economy




Sharky, Jolk2013, Noah Smith, Barracuda



4 Departments

We have multiple departments on the server for you to join. The departments available are: San Andreas State Troopers, San Andreas Fire Department, San Andreas Communications Department and Western Collision (Towing Co). Each department has their own policies and organization. Check out the departmen pages for more information and current open positions.

Build Your Character and Explore San Andreas

Move to San Andreas and start the life you want. Get a job and work an honest life, or cause havoc on the city and run a criminal enterprise. Go on an adventure through the mountains and explore the wilderness. You can even get hired on a police fore and help maintain law and order for all citizens.

Join the City. Live the life you want!