Civilian Operations

Welcome to the Civilian Operations page

Here at Wicked we are dedicated to being a friendly and welcoming community. We are also dedicated to ensuring only the
best experience is had by our members and guests.

The main focus of the Civilian Operations is to better help our members prepare for in-depth RP that may require some additional
setup and preparation time to ensure the full experience is available. Through this process we are able to provide you with props,
items, RP cash, cars, select unobtainable weapons, boats and in some instances an aircraft.

We will also facilitate an entry step into resolving in-game issues that may arise. Whether this be with you not understanding some functions
of the server or if you are having issues with another member of the community. Through this process we will try to resolve these issues
informally and peacefully without having to make it an admin issue. This is to try to give everyone their fair chance at explaining their
side in a secure environment. That said, sometimes there are instances where it cannot go through this process and will need to go straight
to an admin.

Now that we have that formal stuff out of the way, lets get some great RP going and make some fun memories! The members of this team will be
listed below and you can message them to inquire about our services to get the ball rolling.


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CivOps are always open! Come join the fun!