San Andreas State Troopers

Colonel Barracuda

SAST represents Commitment, Trust and Dignity. With a high standard for our applicants, as we provide SWAT, Air Ops and supporting all other departments. The Colonel takes into account every suggestion or solution to make an even better department. A positive team oriented environment where we dedicate ourselves on friendship, loyalty and respect within the department. We pride ourselves on serving the public.

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San Andreas Fire Department

Chief Toasty

The mission and goal for San Andreas Fire Dept is to serve and protect the city of Los Santos as well as the county and small rural communities within the state of San Andreas, thus our department is made up of full-time staff and volunteers.

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San Andreas Communications

Director Shark

SACOMMS aims to provide clear and concise communication between LEO’s and Emergency Services to ensure correct information is acquired at a moments notice. Led by Director Shark, training is detailed to ensure Operators can provide the best support for our First Responders.

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Western Collision

Aaron Western

Western Collision aims to help with broken down vehicles, assist law enforcement officers tow the illegally parked cars, as well as fix & customize Civilian vehicles.

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